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The idea of this blog is know more about the photography through the history, the evolution, the types, how the photos became better and better through those years, how to do a great photo with any type of camera, how the photography became so important and how the photography save important moments with the photos.


CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY: Moments captured spontaneously as they happen. The subjects are usually not aware of the photographer, so they appear very relaxed.

FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY: Typically used to sell something, this type of photography lures costumers by glamorising the products. The are generally very creative and visually very intersting and can be taken in any location.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: Wheter we are sharing an image of food served at a restaurant or on our table dinner, almost everyone seems to be at it today. This type of photography is used by restaurants, websites or bloggers to entice costumers to try and sell their products. 

LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY: It can portray a scenary or can even show an impact or enviromental change. 

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY: This is a very challenging type of photography, as it might be difficult to capture animals in their proper habitat. If you're not quick enough, you might miss the perfect shot.


To me my cats are so important that I decided to make a small album about the life of my cats and how is the behavior of each one, in the end my conclusion is that every cat has a behavior of its own and are special in their way.
A very wet cat!
This is a photo of my cat on her bed, her name is Mimi. This was today and I took it with my cellphone. I like this photo because I think my cat looks so funny wet, also because she is the most street of all and yesterday managed to escape and today caught the water of surprise.

A lion not very lion!
This is my cat called Logan. I took it like almost a month ago. I like this photo because I think he look so cute when he sleep. I think that he looks like a lion because is so serious, but sometimes act like a little kitty who wants pampering. So he is a lion not very lion.

Is he really serious?
This is my cat Toby. I like this photo because he looks as the boss of the house. But he's not. He's very affectionate when it comes to meeting anyone. That's what I like the photo because looks are deceiving. I don't remember hoew I took the photo, I think it was with my old cellphone.

A cute hiding place!
I took this photo with my mom's cellphone. It was a year ago when my cat Aghata comes to my house. In that moment she was so scary because she was founded in a hole in the wall, and still being like that. But if she gets trut, she could be so nice and cute.

A cutie dog!
This the last cat I adopted. This photo was took by my mom's cellphone. The name of this cat is Dylan. I like this photo because he looks so calm and he's not like this. He actually is like a dog because he acts like that. But I love him like how he is.

I love they both!
This is a photo of Toby and Logan. They are on my dad's bed. I took it whit my dad's cellphone. This was the past year but I don't remember when exactly. I really like this photo because they look so calm and seem to be a perfect portrait, also they look so comfortable,

A cat in the sink!
This photo was took in my state. I think it was like 6 months ago or maybe less o more. It was took with my cellphone, In this photo appears my cat Agatha in the sink of my mom's bathroom. This day was so funny because she was so scared and decided to stay right there.

This is a photo of the most curiosity cat I ever met. I like this photo because is so funny the idea that your cat is in of the new box. Literally we don't have time to unpack it. Also I really like this photo because is almost the only one that I have of her wake up. She's always sleeping.

I don't like it!
In this photo appears my cat Dylan. This was the last weekend. Was so funny because Dylan really tried to kill my teddys. He always has been like that. Literally he has destroyed two mini teddys that I have just to play with my mom and me, like he was a little dog.

A perfect statue!
This is a photo of my lion Logan. This photo was took like 2 years ago or more. I really like this photo because the cat looks like a statue. It was on the desk of my brother but he was really on the top like a statue and it was so funny because he stays like that for a long time.


PHOTOGRAPHY The idea of this blog is know more about the photography through the history, the evolution, the types, how the photos beca...